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Housekeeping Supervisor



Department :               Rooms/Housekeeping                                     

Position Title :             Housekeeping Supervisor

Purpose :

Under the general guidance and supervision of the Executive Housekeeper and the Assistant Executive Housekeeper and within the limits of established Grand Park Hotels and local hotel policies and procedures, and directs the assigned segment of the day to day operation of Housekeeping department and assists and replaces the Assistant Executive Housekeeper when needed.


Relationships :

- Reports directly to Assistant Executive Housekeeper or delegate

- Provides supervision of assigned Housekeeping personnel.

- Interacts with guests, other departmental section heads and individuals outside the hotel in the absence of the Assistant Executive Housekeeper as well as other departments as appropriate.


Duties and Responsibilities:

- Responsible for assigning staff to respective areas on daily basis.

- Inspects guest rooms, occupied and none occupied, on a daily basis to ensure they are in good state of repair, clean, supplied and maintained to standard.

- inspects other assigned Housekeeping areas on a daily basis to ensure furnishings, facilities and equipment are clean and in good state of repair as per standard.

- Inspects room of VIPs, long staying guests and repeat guests at random and on a daily basis to ensure they receive special attention.

- Monitors assigned Housekeeping personnel to ensure guests receive prompt and courteous service.

- Identifies training needs, assists in implementing training sessions, and provides effective follow - up.

-  Attends and provides input for Housekeeping Departmental meetings.

- Assists in monitoring and controlling on an on going basis departmental costs to ensure performance against budget, and assists in the preparation of the Housekeeping departmental budget.

- Maintains a steady flow of communication to the Assistant Executive Housekeeper and Housekeeping staff on appropriate matters pertaining to Housekeeping.

- Conducts Job Orientation training for newly employed employee.

- Recommends possible improvement of operation to Assistant Executive Housekeeper.

- Ensures Housekeeping personnel are familiar with in house facilities for the purpose of assisting guests.

- Assists Assistant Executive Housekeeper in related matters such as appraising and counseling.

- Assists in monitoring and controlling Housekeeping procedures including Lost & Found, key control, security and emergency procedures, health and safety for employees and guests.

- Reports all guest complaints to Executive Housekeeper or Assistant Executive Housekeeper as soon as possible.

- Establishes and maintains effective employee relations.

- Appraise appearance, discipline and efficiency of all staff, under direct supervision and initiate immediate remedial action if necessary

- Acts on behalf of the Assistant Executive Housekeeper in his / her absence as assigned.

- Perform related duties and special projects as assigned.


Education, Competencies and Skills :

- A high school diploma is necessary

- 3 years’ experience in housekeeping is highly essential